Reclaiming stuff

I have the computer that has been circulating around the house for months now. AND I have sole use of our lousy internet connection, such as it is. So I am actually able to blog from home without trying to type into an iPhone screen. Woo Hoo!

I’ve re-enrolled in Object Oriented Programming, which now utilizes C# instead of C++. Wish me luck.

I’m attempting to clean the house, and declutter. I think I need to take my older sister’s advice and follow the Kon Marie method.

Things in life are not always what we would like them to be, but I can make what I will of what we have. One loop, one knot, one word, one photograph at a time.

Sadly, we did lose the baby bunnies. But there are bound to be more bunnies in the future, and we have the grown-up bunnies to love and care for and use for wool harvesting.



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