Welcoming 2017

New Year’s Superstitions… what are yours? Do you eat Black-eyed peas, or say “rabbit, rabbit, rabbit”? Start the year with a kiss?

Our family superstition is no laundry on January 1st. “If you do the wash on New Year’s Day, you’ll wash the year’s luck away!”

I’m not particularly superstitious, but I’m NOT risking it. 

I will NOT be eating black-eyed peas, however. No matter how many of those disgusting little things I eat, the money thing doesn’t happen. In fact, I think it’s been worse since I started eating them. Sure, you can doctor them up with tons of cheese and rice and maybe some super-salty ham. Or, you can just avoid them like the plague they are.

As for rabbits, I don’t say “rabbit, rabbit, rabbit,” but I do think it’s lucky we have three baby rabbits. They were born on the 30th, to our white French Angora.

Whatever your superstitions (or lack thereof) may be, have a healthy, prosperous and happy New Year!


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