Reflections on 2016

All in all, it wasn’t the best year, but we didn’t lose any more human family members. I’m hoping that stays true…

We have made many changes. Moved to Adam’s childhood home, “adopted” enough animals to start a petting zoo, and watched as my grandmother nearly died but recovered enough to be recovering in an assisted living facility.

My daughter is moving in with her father. While I will miss her, she will have opportunities in New York that she simply doesn’t have in the isolated and rural place we now live. She is sixteen, and needs to develop more ways to be independent, which won’t happen when everything here requires use of a motor vehicle, and she is not yet driving. Nor do we have any extra vehicles to spare…

We have been hatching chicks – Cochins, Polish, and mutts.

We have Angora bunnies (English and French) and Flemish giant rabbits, and today the French Angora female had kits. It’s looking like some kind of crazy Easter-themed zoo around here.

I still need to photograph more bunnies, chicks and ducklings. Yeah, we have a few of them as well…

The Angora bunnies are also going to be used for their wool. We’ll be making felt and yarn, if I can get them better used to grooming and gathering. 

And my crochet lace projects have been getting a little out of hand.

I’ve finished more work on the table runner since capturing this photo.

I miss writing, though. So I suppose I need to find time for that somehow.

To all my WordPress friends, have a safe and fun New Year’s Eve and Day, and a healthy, prosperous 2017.


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