My Autumn Photos…

Inspired by Cordelia’s Mom and her post, Don’t Fence Me In, I decided to post a couple of fall foliage photos of my own.

Everyone has such lovely leaves. Much like Charlie Brown with his Halloween bag of rocks, we have sand spurs.

Lovely, aren’t they? Here’s a closer shot:

Yeah. They are extremely painful when they get imbedded in the bottom of your foot because you’re an idiot who thinks it’s a great idea to walk outside barefoot to clean and refill the water jugs for over 40 chickens or 6 pea fowl. Yes, I am a bird hoarder.

Anyway, there was something kind of pretty by the sand spurs:

As for said birds, we’re pretty sure we have three pea cocks and three pea hens. 

The boys get bluer every day. 

The hens are beautiful, too.

We have Silkies, Seramas, Polish chickens, Blue Andalusian, Sicilian Buttercups, and our original mixed flock. We’re averaging about 2-3 eggs a day at this point.

It’s funny, when I moved to Dunnellon years ago as a twelve year old kid, I thought of farming as smelly, gross, something I wouldn’t want to do. Now I enjoy every minute spent at home with the biddies and the piglet and the kids.


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