Lost stuff, Faeries, and Absentee Blogging

It’s a wonder what lack of a decent internet connection will do to one’s blogging habits. Also, what a lack of workspace does to one’s writing habits in general.

Life has become an endless cycle of work, driving, caretaking (humans and birds and other assorted living things) and stitching or beading. Aside from the whole car and electricity thing, I may be working my way back to the 19th Century.

I was musing on “things lost” the other day when I misplaced yet another pair of sunglasses… I can never seem to keep track of keys or sunglasses… 

At some point in my life, I was told when items mysteriously disappeared that I could blame their disappearance on mischievous faeries. Because faeries love to take everything from used teeth to car keys. Then when you’ve given up on ever finding them again, they reappear in an unlikely place.

I’ve lost and found many things these past few months. It’s easy to lose stuff when you are moving great quantities of stuff. Things missing? Movies, music, clothing… normal people lose socks in the wash. I lose socks, and pants, shirts, sweaters… how?!

The one thing we always lose that can’t be replaced is time. We all need the time faeries to bring us some extra days.


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