Our Prodigal Dog has Returned

“Josie” (the name we were told was hers) is safely home. She has been fed as much as she can eat, and given water. A neighbor found her and returned her to us last night, arriving just as Matthew and I were pulling up to the driveway after the String Orchestra Boosters officer meeting. 

She wanted to go right back out. I don’t think it’s that she doesn’t like us – she is my shadow any time we’re in the same room, and constantly putting her paws on me and giving me soulful dog eyes. I think she just really wants to be an outdoor dog. Hence the constant whine when she is inside, and the standing by the door, asking to go out AGAIN.

We’re giving her wish, partially. She is a back yard dog, on a zip line run, at least for now. She seems happier out there. She has a dog house, and water and food, and an abundance of smells to sniff, including the chicken run, which is in her wide territory. 

She is well-behaved with the chickens, though I wouldn’t trust ANY dog unsupervised with chickens. 

On a side note, as usual, incompetence is rewarded with promotion. It seems I have gone from being the Booster Secretary to being the Booster President. I will be posting links for online fundraisers, in case anyone would like to support the Arts by purchasing stuff.

Here is a gratuitous photo of a Serama chick taking a nap.

I need to take some pictures of Josie, but it was getting late again by the time I arrived home after work and errands.


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