I’m sure no one could have seen it coming…

What happens when you feed raccoons and keep chickens as pets? Anyone? Anyone at all? That’s right, you get up on the morning of the first day of classes, the busiest day of work, and go out at the ass-crack of dawn to feed your beloved flock only to find FOUR raccoons in the chicken run. R.I.P. Ginger the Rhode Island Red…

I had to call in sick that morning to get a tetanus shot for the scratches I got catching the remaining 17 chickens and bringing them into the garage to safety after we finally got the raccoons to leave. Adam, on the other hand, got a total of 17 rabies shots because one of Rocky’s babies bit him on his hand. 14 the first day, one on Day 3, one on Day 7, and one on Day 14.

We reenacted the scene from Light In The Forest   wherein True Son and Cuyloga part ways. The raccoons are no longer welcome on our property.

Also, I decided to refrain from taking classes for another semester.

We adopted a dog, a coon hound, to scare them off. She has been wandering the neighborhood like the Irish Setter in Funny Farm, making an occasional appearance from time to time, since she raced out the door the morning after we brought her home. 

We had better luck with our adoption of two unfortunate looking roosters that day. Jacques, aka “French Fries” is quite the sweet heart, and Louis is hideous but sweet, and he sits in the doorway of the coop protecting the entrance at night. He is a silkie-turken mix breed, good for mating with silkies to make “show girl” chickens.

French Fries likes to snuggle.

I thought I had a photo of Louis, but it seems to have disappeared… 

We also got a piglet. 

Her name is constantly changing. Igpay, Piglet, Shadow, Scully… We can’t seem to settle on her name, but she acts like a puppy.

And that, in a nutshell, is what I have been up to… Oh, and making crocheted stuff and jewelry. I will be setting up a store on Etsy soon.


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