A Call To Action

Maybe you genuinely like one or both of the main party candidates this year. Feel free to move along and skip this post if you are thrilled to support either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in the fall election. But if you are in any way or shape “on the fence,” or even if you have just felt yourself “holding your nose” to vote in a prior year’s election, please read and consider…

I am a Bernie Sanders supporter who felt that if enough people wanted to elect him, it could happen. Ideally, this is true, but I happen to suspect that some shenanigans occurred in the process of the DNC primaries. That’s another topic , though.

My call to action is this: I would like each and every United States citizen who visits my blog to check whether the Green Party and the Libertarian Party will be listed on the ballots of the November election in your state. If not, PLEASE consider starting or signing a petition to get them on the ballot.

Why? And why am I asking you to do this even if you have no intention of voting for their candidates?

We need more choices. 

In most states, to vote in a primary, one must be registered in that party. Closed primaries. The excuse? If you are registered as a Libertarian, for example, you can vote in that primary to choose your candidate. But if you are planning to vote for the Libertarian candidate, you may be surprised to discover that Gary Johnson is not on your ballot in November. That makes it unlikely many people will vote for Gary in your state. So he has little chance of winning those electoral votes.

As of July 10, 2016, the Green Party was only on the ballots in 22 states, making it virtually impossible for Jill Stein to win the election.

http://www.gp.org/ballot access

The Libertarian Party is faring slightly better, included on the ballots of 36 states. 


Remember that the two parties in power make the rules, and they have every incentive to make it difficult for an outsider to win an election.

They win. We the People lose. We lose out on choices. We lose our ability to vote our conscience. We lose our best representation.

Someone in a Facebook group in which I belong was criticizing a “Bernie or Bust” person who said she would be writing in Bernie or voting for Stein. The critique told her she had “already had her opportunity to vote” in the primary, and that she should simply vote for Hillary now that her candidate did not win the primaries.

So, her voice only counted in the primaries, and after that, tough shit? What about the people who didn’t get to vote in the primaries?  Democrats and Republicans want your vote in November, but not in the primaries if you are going against their established candidate of choice.

I choose to believe that my voice still matters in November, and that I should be free to vote for a candidate in whom I have at least some measure of faith. That is not HRC or DT. I don’t trust either of them as far as I can throw them, and bear in mind I was put in “Remedial P.E.” with the “special kids” back in elementary school.

Act now, vote later. Act now so you CAN vote as you like later. Remember, in a free-market system, better choices are available. Why, then, are we giving two political parties a monopoly on running our government and making the laws that bind us?

That is all.

[Steping off my Soap Box so I can wave that “Vote for Jill” banner…]


2 thoughts on “A Call To Action

  1. I’m a Bernie Sanders supporter who has never supported Hillary Clinton, beginning with her stint as First Lady. I don’t like her, I don’t trust her, I believe she just want’s to be in charge — she doesn’t care about any of us, only about the fulfillment of her own ambition. The only positive thing I see in her is that she’s somewhere left of liberal on gun control.

    I do want to see a woman President in my lifetime. I would have voted for Diane Feinstein. I hope someday to vote for Elizabeth Warren. But I don’t want Hillary Clinton in that office.

    But I want Donald Drumpf there even less.

    So I have to seriously consider the wisdom of writing in Bernie’s name or voting for a third or fourth party candidate with zero chance of winning whose only contribution to the race would be to take votes away from the Democrats to give the Republicans a better chance at winning.

    But right now, the only thing that could make me consider voting for Clinton is if Bernie Sanders were her running mate.

    I want a 2016 campaign season do-over!

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