Thousands of Words

Sadly, I am returning to form in my inability to keep up with the blog. So much time is spent putting out fires or working on home projects, and my internet SUCKS at the house. 

Not these types if fires…

Nevertheless, I love so much about living in relative seclusion. So I am going to post some photos of everything from Sunrise drives to work, to the chicken coop building project, to the animals, and some of the jewelry making projects which I hope to turn into a little extra income at some point in the future.

The hens should start laying in the next couple  of months.

The colors, though…

Storms brewing while I was running errands in Gainesville…

Snowball the white puffin Silkie chicken
Prince the bantam Golden Phoenix rooster
Somebody can’t wait to meet the chickens…
They are all convinced that they are parrots…

Jewelry making…

Adam’s friend Geoff, building the amazing coop and run…

A non-abandoned building in Williston. I have gone out photographing abandoned buildings on the way home a few times.

I will try to do a better job of staying in the loop. I was thrilled to be able to read a few of the blogs I follow today, and I hope to read more in the days to come! Word Press peeps are amazing. 


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