In My Back Yard

Life is never perfect, but there are moments that come pretty close. My only regret was not grabbing the bigger zoom lens, but at least I thought to grab my camera.



Once I sat down and he settled down and realized I wasn’t going to hurt him, I didn’t want to get up and spook him.


Rocky likes the cat food (purchased for ferrets, but now we have real ferret food again) and Honey Comb cereal.



He’s a little shy, but did come for a closer look. And yes, those are cigarette butts in the grass, too. (Adam smokes, and has a bad habit of leaving cigarette butts on the ground.)



Next time, I’m bringing the zoom. I may not need it, though – Rocky is only a little afraid of us.





He doesn’t seem to mind having his photo taken, either. Or she doesn’t mind… I’m not sure of Rocky’s gender, and I don’t plan on getting that close…




So, while our internet connection is horrible, our nature connection is pretty good.



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