Sometimes I Feel Like MacGyver

The name keeps popping up, which is funny, because when I talk about something or someone, they have a way of showing up. But I swear, I had MacGyver on the brain before I heard that there is a MacGyver reboot in the works, and also before reading this fun post about plot twists.

What made me think of the Richard Dean Anderson series that I didn’t really even watch from 1985-1992? Moving, of course…

I’ve been in a month-long process of getting my crap out of a rental house and moving said crap into the house that belonged to my mother-in-law before she died last December. One of the things that did not make it onto the moving van was my daughter’s day bed, which she no longer wishes to use, and we’ll be replacing (along with my younger son’s platform Captain’s bed) in the next month or two, with bunk beds that can be separated.

The sleigh bed didn’t make the first trip because the kids had trouble disassembling it. It requires a Hex wrench (which we had) and another type of wrench (which we couldn’t find – to hold the nut in place when twisting the hex bolt) to undo the bolts and take the bed apart, a task necessary to get the bed through the bedroom door.

The other day, I accomplished the task using the Hex wrench and… a waiter’s cork screw. I used the flip part of the tool to hold the nut in place, something that only worked from one angle. I did it sans lights, without air conditioning, and with lots of fleas attacking me. Because I’m freakin’ MacGyver.

I think I’m going to create a comic book heroine. A waitress who is grossly underestimated, who frequently saves the day with her wine key.

Maybe I should start drinking.


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