Moving Along

I’ve been vewwy, vewwy quiet, as Elmer Fudd would say, of late. I think the last time I posted here was right after donating plasma nearly did me in.

After that, I took my final in Internet Programming, and managed to pull off an A in the class I didn’t drop last semester, keeping my 4.0 average for once in my collegiate career. But now, the A.S. in Programming and Analysis will need to be put on hold, at least until fall, because the funds are simply not there for classes, and time is also a limited commodity.

We are moving soon. We have been packing, and throwing things away, and trying to sell what we can, and donating things that still “have life in them” but are not likely to sell. And we are making our plans, too.

One of the things about moving out to the middle of nowhere is that we are going to be slightly “off grid.” the house is on a few acres, so we’ll take advantage of that by producing some food for ourselves. We’ve already picked up a tomato plant, a watermelon, some yellow squash, pickling cucumbers, and green bell peppers that will all need to be planted. I want to buy grapes, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries as well. Maybe blueberries too.

And the cuteness award? We bought ten little chickadees.

They are a variety of chickens, including a couple of Rhode Island Reds, some Black Sex Links, some speckled something-or-others, and I don’t remember what else, but they are all fancy and cute, and should be pretty when they grow up. They are being treated like pets, and yes, we’ve named them. They are not for eating, but we will be eating the eggs they lay, unless at least one of them is a rooster, in which case we will not be eating ALL the eggs, we will also be breeding more chickens. At least six of them are definitely hens, the other four are as yet undetermined.


For now, they live inside, in a big old bin, with a heat lamp, wood shavings, water, and seed dishes. They get picked up and held a lot, and they love to be pet.

Other plans started: once we get settled, I am hoping that Adam can go to the Farmers’ and Flea Market once a month and sell some of the items we need to unload, like the gently-used books we have stacked up in both houses, and some artwork and antiques that we really don’t want or need, but that others may value.

Adam does regret selling some of the things he sold, like the sketches, and some of the artwork, and I am glad that I didn’t take all of it to the estate sale. I’m glad some of the pieces he liked simply didn’t sell, either. But there remain some that are just not things that we treasure.

Adam’s father had a family recipe for pickles (aha – pickling cucumbers!) that sold quite well every time they had a yard sale when he was a kid. I’m thinking that we can make them, put them in nice jars with nifty labels, and do the same with homemade preserves and take them down to the same markets. Dairy goats for goat cheese and goat’s milk fudge may or may not be in the future…

My daughter has developed a nice habit of crocheting and knitting scarves and hats, and she could make a little cash for herself selling items she makes as well.

On top of ALL of that, I am going to make prints of some of my nature photography, and sell some of my own craft projects, including hand made jewelry.

When I was a teenager, I took some wire from my father’s workbench and a pair of pliers, and I made myself a ring with a rose on it, and I absolutely loved it, but it turned out the wire I used was lead, so I had to get rid of it. But last week, I thought about that, and it occurred to me that I could probably make stuff like that from time to time and sell it. This time, I’m using wire that is designed to be used in jewelry making, so it’s safe. I’ve already made a couple of pairs of earrings.

It turns out that earrings are a little tricky, because when you make something you love, you then have to duplicate it. Rings, bracelets, and pendants are easier in that they can be single, unique items. I made the green pair first, it isn’t quite as symmetrical as the red pair. I used a crochet hook to create uniform sized loops for the second pair.

The idea with all of these things is to create them when I am in the mood to create them, then put them aside in a nice little package for later, then when it is time to go on a Saturday morning, take them down and see if anyone is interested in buying them.

Also planned: business cards and brochures for Matthew’s violin services.

No, I will not be quitting my day job! But it would be nice to earn a little money on the side doing the things we love to do anyway.


Note: I originally wrote this post on April 30th, but had not yet “published” it, as I was rushing to get to work that evening. Now, 8 days later, I am publishing it, with the addition of more sad news.

After work, my poor Japanese Chin, Shishi, passed away in my arms.

I had hoped to watch him chase chickens, or be chased by chickens, knowing he wouldn’t have hurt them, when the chickens “grow up.”

I am adding a few photos of Shishi, who brought much love and light into our lives in the all-too-brief time he was with us.


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