On a More Positive Note

My last post was depressing as hell, and for that matter, many of my recent posts have been. Who wants or needs to read THAT crap?

So, on a more up-beat note…

We are going to be making some changes soon, and some of them are good changes. We will be moving to Adam’s mother’s house in a couple of months, when the kids are through for the school year. When we do that, we’re planning on planting lots of things: berries, grapes, tomatoes, peppers, watermelons… We’ll have a few acres to work with.

At some point, if we can get caught up, we’d like to get chickens, because there is a chicken coop out back. Hopefully, down the road, we can also get a couple of dairy goats, and start making goat cheese. And way down the road, I’d like to plant wildflowers and keep bees. I’m already planning our little micro-farm, to feed us and maybe to sell a few items at farmer’s market/flea markets on the side. Goat cheese, goat fudge, honey, fruit preserves…

A little later, we’re planning on installing solar panels, getting a Tesla battery, and reducing our carbon footprint. However, that may be an issue, Thanks Florida…

My daughter found a link on Bored Panda on how to build a hobbit house, and while I can’t find that same article, I did find another project. Perhaps, someday, we can build one on the land and turn it into a Bed and Breakfast?

I do have some personal development goals in mind, too.

I am going to take a break from the programming classes over the summer. Frankly, I couldn’t afford the cost of the activity fees and lab fees (even with the tuition waivers from work) and text books even if I didn’t feel I needed the break.

That said, I may look into some free courses online, once I can get internet set up out there in the boonies. Or by using internet access at the local library.

I may start studying for the Florida Bar, and try, try again. I should probably go ahead and start taking Continuing Legal Education courses in Estate Planning, Tax Planning, and corporate law, and maybe when I DO pass that exam, I can hang a shingle and do some work on the side with writing wills and estate planning. My brain may be dusty, but it does still work.

I want to write the sequel to the book, too. Yes, there is a sequel in the back of my brain to Dreams and Hypotheticals. Life has just been too much to sit down and write it. I’ve started, though. The next chapter for Emma is going to be about picking up when your sense of reality is ripped out from under you. Without giving too much away, the second book is going to focus more on a friendship between Emma and Sarah. I have not yet come up with a title – that’s been a bit of a struggle.

Now, off I go to run some errands, and maybe move some crap over to the other place. DSC_0408



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