My work week begins on Saturdays and ends on Wednesdays, so for me, it’s Friday. Woo hoo! My days off, however, have not exactly been days off. Over the past few weeks, I’ve had things to take care of during the days off, like transporting remains, gathering things for sales, and running around trying to do what we can to generate funds to compensate for the sudden loss of income due to my ex-husband’s loss of his job.

It’s rather disheartening to admit that over 50% of my income was child support payments. When I put it that way, horrible stereotypes (that shouldn’t really exist!) of Welfare mothers pop into my mind – stereotypes that drove politicians to kill social safety net programs that protected people from slipping through the cracks of poverty. It does something to my self-esteem, realizing that my post-tax income doesn’t quite cover rent plus utilities, never mind things like the cell phone, car payments, or little things like groceries.

We’re going to hold a little yard sale Saturday morning before I go to work. We have too many articles of clothing and books, and some cds, movies, and odds and ends that we simply don’t need. We live on a busy street. So, why not?

Do you know, when you sell something on EBay, there is a turn-around time between when you sell the item and the purchaser pays for the item, and when the funds become available to you? Did you know that turn around time can be up to three weeks? So when you sell something on EBay, initially you are OUT the cost of shipping, and have to wait for up to three weeks before you get reimbursed for shipping, never mind even making money off the item you’ve sold.

To drive Uber, now we need a car inspection. Cost – a minimum of $13.95. Plus cost of gas. Plus the hassle of dealing with drunk kids. I’m considering it.

I’m thinking of donating plasma. But I decided to hold off until after Friday’s hematology appointment… scheduled because I’m anemic. We have Beta Thalyssemia Minor in my family, and I got the genetic short end of that stick. It could be worse – at least I don’t have Cooley’s Anemia. But donating plasma before they draw blood for the appointment, I may wind up on all kinds of weird medications that I don’t really need.

Yeah, it’s come to that, though. Selling body parts for cash. I donated plasma before once, back in college. Once, because it seemed like a bit of a freaky process at the time.

After they take your information, the donation center takes a big old bag of your blood. They take the blood away, run it through a machine, then bring it back and put it back in you. Then they take another bag of blood from you and repeat the process. I remember worrying, as a college student, that they might mess up and put someone else’s blood back in me, and that it would be the wrong blood type and wind up having a febrile reaction.

Yes, I’ve always been the type of person who imagines the worst possible outcome and rolls with it.


I’m just a burst of sunshine.


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