I am Not…

I find myself blogging about the Presidential Primaries quite a bit lately.

As a woman, there is a part of me that would like to like Hillary Clinton. I really would like to see a female president, and one who is strong. But as I have stated in so many words, in so many different places, (mostly on Facebook… ) there are far too many problems, she is dangerous, more dangerous than Donald Trump or even Ted Cruz. Yes, I did just say that. And Ted Cruz is very, very dangerous, even if he does make a pretty good cereal…

Not Shown: FrankenTrump and BooLary Cereals…

I find myself talking about this election so much because I find myself alternating between frustration and hope. The moments of frustration as I watch events play out like the recent election fraud in Arizona, where so many were not allowed the opportunity to cast their ballots. Hope, because in the end, some of the cheating, such as the cheating in Nevada Caucuses, did not pay off for the Clinton camp. In the end, Bernie really DID win Nevada…

But to the title of this post… “I am not.”

One of the frustrations I have dealt with lately is being accused, as a “Bernie or Bust” person, of “exercising White Privilege.”

I am not a Native American, but one of the things that thrills me most at the possibility of Bernie Sanders winning the presidency is that, for the first time that I can recall in my lifetime, quite possibly for the first time ever, we have a presidential candidate who is visiting Native American tribes and listening to them. He is listening to their concerns, trying to address the wrongs that have been done over the course of over five hundred years since European settlers first set foot in the American Continents.

My childlike sense of justice is happy. It may never be possible to “fix” the wrongs that have been done to the people or the land, but someone, at long last, is at least taking small steps to try.

And that little bird thing? That was amazing. Whether you think of it as a symbolic dove demanding peace, or a symbolic sparrow representing people coming together to take back the power to change things, or a yellow finch reminding us to be optimistic, it was a magical moment in a campaign filled with magical moments.

Exercising White Privilege? The Clinton campaign has tried its best to drag this campaign into a race war, to play upon people’s fears, to scare people into voting for Hillary. One thing about me? For about thirteen years, I lived with someone who, whether intentional or not, knew how to play on my anxieties and fears to get the responses he wanted. Again, no accusations – it may have been a subconscious thing on his part. But when I became aware of it, it changed me forever. I will not allow someone to play on my fears to push my buttons.

If the DNC wants to play that game, they need to be very careful. Because in my eyes, Trump is the lesser of evils. He is awful, but he is awful in ways that will lead to out right revolt, revolution, and perhaps a better change in the long run. Like an enema forcing America to take a great big, necessary dump.

I really do feel people are starting to wake up. I really do believe Bernie Sanders will win this election. The winds have changed, the momentum is growing, people are waking up. And this is a beautiful thing, because this Bernie or Bust gal doesn’t want her next hashtag to be #BernieOrDump.



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