Bernie or Bust: Corruption



This is the first in a series of articles on Bernie or Bust, today: corruption.  Next week: mistaken assumptions and policy, Clinton vs. Trump, and the next 16 years.

Seems that every week of the democratic primary there are reports of election fraud that end up favoring Hillary Clinton.  Part of why Clinton’s poll numbers are so abysmal on trustworthiness is a pattern of unethical election tampering by her campaign.

Rigging the vote in Iowa to the point that even the Des Moines Register, which endorsed Clinton, calls the caucus results into question.  Bill and Hillary’s ongoing tour of America’s polling places on election day dynamiting electioneering laws.

Bernie Sanders is making inroads in Nevada?   Have Harry Reid lean on the culinary workers union to vote for her, her campaign pays the casinos to cover for the lost hours and check to make sure the workers caucus for Clinton.  She…

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