Picking at Scabs

My work schedule changed again recently. Instead of alternating between evenings and overnights, I work one evening shift and the rest are day shifts.

On my Saturday evening shift, I had a funny conversation with one of the “older” officers last week. When I say “older,” I mean someone who is roughly my age, as opposed to the younger officers who don’t remember some of the things I remember.

The topic was soda, and “Tab” came up. Not everyone will remember “Tab” soda. It was a diet soda that was so terrible that Coca Cola wouldn’t put the name “Coke” on it. It was from the days before Aspartame, when diet drinks contained Saccharin. I think I tried it once as a kid. I also tried Sweet and Low straight from the packet, probably on a dare…

Joel: Tab was so awful that every now and then, you had to drink one just to remind yourself how awful it really was.

Later that same week, a song came on the radio. My daughter “loved” it, much in the way I l “loved” it. Except that for me, it also brought back college memories.

Things like Tab and the Four Non Blondes song are much like the act of picking scabs. They bring a strange sense of satisfaction, even though you don’t exactly like them.



One thought on “Picking at Scabs

  1. Heh, that’s funny. I’ve told my wife that this song to me is like a musical traffic fatality, where you don’t want to look but can’t turn away either. It’s awful, yet, for some reason, I listen to it when it’s on.

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