The Revolution MUST Continue

I wrote the following as an intro to a Ralph Nader video that I shared on Facebook:

“I love Bernie Sanders, but Ralph Nader makes some very valid points here. Bernie Sanders needs to realize that this revolution is big – and that he can’t abandon it even if he doesn’t win the primary. To say “endorse Hillary” takes away from the voice, the message, that has been rising. It would undermine the very message to allow that establishment to continue to purchase power.
I am willing to risk Trump. Because if he is horrible, We, the People, will speak up again and not allow it.
But if we whimper and vote for a liar, thief, and cheat out of some Faustian bargain out of media driven fear, we have lost what it means to vote, what it means to be a democracy.
I have heard so many people cry “but the Supreme Court nominees!” as a reason to vote-by-color (“Vote blue no matter who!” “Hold your nose and vote for Hillary!”) but when it comes down to it, President Obama just picked a corporatist to replace Antonin Scalia. There are no guarantees that “red” or “blue” will get us what we want when we choose candidates who lack moral integrity, or candidates who are tied to their corporate sponsors.
I hope that #BernieSanders hears this message, and that he takes it to heart, and realizes that we need a #FullRevolution and that it is not enough to take us to the door and then deliver us into the hands of someone incapable of leading.
#BernieOrBust #BernieSanders2016 #NotMeUs ”

I do love Bernie Sanders, but I find myself frustrated that he is not fighting against the fraud that has been taking place, that he is not asking for that recount in Missouri, which he could so easily get with such a close race. Every vote, every delegate counts. 

Please, Bernie, we are not giving up on you, don’t give up on us. For many of us, you are the only viable option.

I can’t vote the lesser of two evils this year. It’s go big or go home. I would see chaos first, because I know it would push people to do something faster than to see a slow death. Which is worse, the enemy you can see and acknowledge, or the one who calls you friend and kisses you before stabbing you in the back? I would take the honest enemy over the pretend friend. But I am still hoping Bernie will pull off that miracle.


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