Musings on a Sunday

I was going to blog about a movie I was starting to watch last night. I changed my mind. Flip-Flopping? Yes. Why not?

Instead, I’m going to issue a challenge to my fellow Bernie Sanders supporters:

If Bernie Sanders were talked about in the mainstream media as much as a certain other candidate were talked about and feared, HE would be winning primaries left and right and would be a front runner instead of that other candidate. That other candidate would remain the joke that everyone took him for.

And if that other candidate ends up becoming the president, how many will remember that in the beginning, he was paying people out of pocket to show up at his rallies?

Thanks, Corporate Media, for all that you do to “Make ‘Murika Great.”

Just a thought – the MEDIA created this phenomena. Just as they are creating the other candidate. What if we have a “black out” on their names for a few days? I know we keep saying Bernie’s name, but what if we do even more – what if we designate a day “Bernie Sanders Day” and just KEEP PUSHING IT – get as many people as we can to SILENCE talk about the other candidates and KEEP TALKING ABOUT BERNIE on the internet? Give the others the Voldemort treatment? (To the extent possible…)

The reason T- and H- are “the candidates” right now is because “no publicity is bad publicity.”

Now, you may have noticed that I have not mentioned those other candidates by name. That was intentional. I am not going to hashtag them here, either. When I add my meta tags to this blog post, which I will, I will not be adding their names, only that of Bernie Sanders.

On March 14, I encourage everyone to do three things:

  1. Boycott the mainstream media for the day.
  2. Do an internet search about Bernie Sanders
  3. Put something on the internet about Bernie Sanders. Share something positive.

Let’s force them to listen, let’s rewrite history. The date should be easy to remember – it’s “Pi Day,” too. A day for logic and reason!


2 thoughts on “Musings on a Sunday

    1. To hear the media tell it, he can’t possibly beat catch HRC in delegate counts. Of course, that’s because they keep adding in her super delegates… But she wouldn’t even be leading in regular delegates if they would report on the record turnouts his rallies have brought in. Instead, there was, for many months, a media blackout. Even now, they mention him in passing on occasion, then dismiss him as a non- contender.

      *I* know he’s not out. His supporters know he’s not out. But the media seems determined to tell a different story.


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