Cut it Out!

Back to the topic of Billy Boy campaigning (With a bull horn!) all over the Massachusetts polling places on Super Tuesday… I read somewhere that the Governor “asked him to leave” because it’s a felony. (“Cut it out, Bill!”)

Now, he’s not even conceding that what Bill did was breaking the law. Hmm. Guess the Hillary camp got to him, too?

But getting back to the whole “asking him to stop” thing.

It echoes Hillary’s speech about telling the banks to “Cut it Out!” doesn’t it?

Hillary-Clinton-womens-rights-screenshot (1)
Hillary Clinton Says “Don’t let anyone silence your voice.” Unless it’s Bill, and that voice is your vote for someone else.

I guess “Cut it Out!” must be the effective means of stopping very bad things from happening. If only more people said “Cut it out!”

You know, we don’t need to arm police with guns anymore, or hell, why even send them to the academy? Why even have police? If you see a crime in progress, just tell that perpetrator to “Cut it out!” and they will stop right away!

Someone cutting you in line? Tell them to “Cut it out!” That’ll stop them.

Someone trying to steal your purse? Tell them to “Cut it out!”

Bank robbery in progress? Tell that gunman to “Cut it Out!”

While we’re at it, can we cut the Secret Service Protection that is guarding Old Billery now? Because if someone tries to shoot them, they can just tell them, “You cut that out, now!” and whoever is doing it will just stop. Works like magic, every time!

Editing to add: Since I’ve seen that the Hillary Camp has created a petition asking Bernie to drop out, I’ve come across a counter petition asking Hillary to drop out, and I’m sharing it here as well.

If you feel so inclined…

Fight fire with fire. It’s too soon for ANYONE to be dropping out in this primary, and of COURSE I don’t think she will, or I wouldn’t be sending it out. It’s totally ridiculous. But that’s the whole point, isn’t it? To shout back, rage against the machine?


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