For anyone who may be living under a rock, yesterday was Super Tuesday in the United States. Twelve States held Republican Primary elections and Caucuses, and Eleven Democratic elections and Caucuses.

My regular readers know by now that I am a Bernie Sanders supporter. My coworkers know, people who live in a three mile radius of my house know… it’s no secret. But I did not vote yesterday. Why not? Because I live in Florida, and I will be voting March 15.

Sunday, several endorsements broke for Bernie Sanders: Robert Reich, Alan Grayson, and the shocker, Tulsi Gabbard left her position as vice chairperson of the DNC to endorse Bernie Sanders. This was big news. It couldn’t get much bigger. Until Monday evening… when it seemed that Elizabeth Warren finally gave her endorsement to Bernie Sanders.

Except that she didn’t.

It was a hoax. A very real looking hoax, but a hoax.

A hoax that detracted from the real endorsements.

A hoax that made the Bernie supporters who shared it look like fools.

A hoax that made many of us question our internet news sources. Which were the last sources we felt we could count on, because the media conglomerate in America is all owned by six big corporations, all of which donate to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Twitter donates to Hillary. Facebook donates to Hillary. Google donates to Hillary.

The hashtage #whichhilary was censored for hours two days before the South Carolina primaries.

Yesterday, in a pro-Bernie group I’m in, before 3:00 p.m., someone posted the following quote:

“Hey guys, a little heads up. For those of you that don’t know me. I am a TV tech in the corporate media world. (Layed off from espn.) I have a few friends working for msnbc and 2 that work at cnn. PEOPLE. After today, they WILL announce Hillary as the candidate. Get ready for the media coverage. DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED. Also be ready for the trump and hill trolls to pretend to be Bernie believers giving up. DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED. This is a fact, they are on preproduction for these shows NOW. Hold strong Berners.”

My friends thought this sounded bogus when I reposted it.

Yesterday, in Massachusetts, Bill Clinton illegally visited and disrupted polling in four locations, causing thousands not to be able to vote.

Somehow, the whole fake endorsement made the news on MSNBC, but NOT the illegal poll visits by Clinton that amounted to Voter Interference.

How many crimes have the Clintons committed? But #nobodyCares.

He CAMPAIGNED RIGHT OUTSIDE THE DOORS THOSE POLLING PLACES WITH THE MAYOR OF BOSTON. But #nobodyCares. He has committed perjury. #nobodyCares. Hillary can make comments about super-predators, and take money from for-profit prisons, but people still vote for her, because #nobodyCares.


People go without health insurance because they can’t afford it, but #nobodyCares. #ICARE.

Racism still exists, but #nobodyCares. #ICARE.

People tell me to hold my nose and vote. FUCK YOU. I care too much.



This is not about Democrats vs. Republicans. This is about a system which is broken. A system sold to the highest bidder. A system that pits us against each other based on labels. Gay or straight. Black or Jew. Pro Choice or Pro Life. Democrat or Republican. While we are all fighting over the crumbs that fall from the table, they are feasting and laughing. We fail to notice that Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton have the same corporate sponsors. The. Same. Corporate. Sponsors. How is that?

#nobodyCares. #ICARE. Do you? Get out and vote. There are still so many Primary Elections left. And when you’re done voting, if the Super Delegates still hold out against the will of the people, we all need to stand up and shout, and MAKE OUR VOICES BE HEARD. LET THEM KNOW WE CARE.




4 thoughts on “#nobodyCares

  1. Caring is important . Voting is important. Here in Canada many were surprised when Mr. Trudeau won. I am still hopeful he can make changes even though he came in with a big mess and then the economy and refugees happened to the world. Yes he has a lot on his plate but I am hopeful

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  2. The political dirty tricks being thrown at Bernie right now are reminiscent of the 72 Nixon campaign. And in that context, remember that nobody cared about the fact that Nixon gamed the election (some people were demanding a re-run of the election in ’74 based on how badly the RNC had gamed the Democrats). Caring and hashtags are a wonderful thing, but Hillary learned from her mistakes in 2008 and knows just how to manipulate the media and control the flow of information.Sanders supporters should be ready for the worst. And if the status quo wins (and it will with any other candidate, R or D), what are we prepared to do with the Bernie Sanders acolytes?

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    1. That’s part of why we can’t just “fold in” to vote for Clinton in November if they pull this off. If they won honestly it would be a different matter entirely. But we have to find a way to circle the wagons in November and rally around a candidate. If Bernie will run as an independent, then Bernie. If not, then perhaps we get a Nina Turner or a Tulsi Gabbard to carry that torch.

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