#WhichHIllary Explodes Overnight, Could Affect the Clinton Campaign

One can only hope this will have an impact. If there is any justice in this world, it will.

Reporting San Diego

Feb 25, 2916 (San Diego) A video emerged overnight, due to Huffington Post breaking the story, of an encounter between Secretary Hillary Clinton and Ashley Williams, a Black Lives Matter activist. The video keeps getting retweeted and facebooked by activists, and the video speaks for itself.

This video is also part of a pattern. This is the second time that she has been quite dismissive of Black Lives Matter activists. This is from Boston. This is the video as hosted by The Young Turks. It also gives some background.

This is now a pattern from the candidate and social media is having none of it. We watched the twitter explode literally, and the trending hashtag going from a couple posts a minute, (we got in early) to trending. Some of the tweets retweeted the video,, but all asked which Hillary is going to show up. Photos of the event, after…

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