More Randomness

I’m going to be all over the place today.

Random Topic #1:

Yesterday was my “day off.” So was Tuesday, allegedly, but to call it a “day off” when I get off at 7 am after working all night is kind of a crock. But my work schedule will be changing soon, so at least the relief is in sight.

On top of all the working and school work, I’ve been applying for different employment opportunities, because while I do like and appreciate my job, love the people I work with, and would be sad to leave, it’s hard on my body, physically, to adjust to schedule changes every four months, and the alternating evenings and overnights is especially difficult for anyone over the age of thirty.

That said, I had three interviews for a position as an insurance claims adjuster – a job I never even actually applied for. I was “flagged” for it by the talent scout department when I applied for a position as an administrative assistant with a major insurance company that shall remain nameless. I’ll just say that after three interviews, they aren’t on my side. 😉

It may very well be that the reason for that was my lackluster third interview, having had a grand total of 3 hours (maybe?) of extremely interrupted sleep after working, sleeping, high school bomb threats, going to a scheduled doctor’s appointment, picking up my oldest kid from his school because of the aforementioned bomb threat, and sleeping for a little while before going to the interview. I’m sure I had raccoon eyes. While I was up front about that, I’m sure it didn’t make me seem very perky and customer service oriented.

I’ve come to a decision, though – no more interviews for jobs I didn’t apply for in the first place. Because this is the second time I’ve invested hours of my time chasing after a job that I’d never even thought to apply for in the first place.

Random Topic #2:

Yesterday was absolutely exhausting. We went to Adam’s mother’s house to meet with people to arrange an estate sale. Then we had to arrange to get the power turned back on. Because I’m always broke, and my credit is now completely shot, I had to pay an unexpected deposit.

Here’s the whole story: I paid her electric bill of $139 on the way to her house the day we found her dead on her bathroom floor. There is no water bill – the water is from a well. Trash pickup is pretty low, too.

We turned off the breakers.

The electricity was cut off a couple of weeks ago because we didn’t pay the bill.

We found the bill. January 10, it was $389. The total bill to date is $589. No idea HOW it is so high when we turned off all the breakers. We’ll have to figure out how. We’re wondering if someone is tapping into the wires somehow and stealing power… But for now, I had to get the power turned on for the estate sale.

Adam has sold off so many of his favorite possessions to pay for a bunch of unexpected expenses. It never seems to be enough, somehow.

His mother has not yet been cremated, because they won’t cremate her until we pay the fees. I hate to be gruesome, but there it is. That’s life. We’re hoping this estate sale will bring in enough to pay the cremation fee and the taxes on the house. Then we’re renting out the house.

This is my life. This is what keeps me awake at night. This is part of why I am on blood pressure medication. My mother-in-law’s corpse is rotting in a funeral home, hopefully on ice at least, and we have no way to do anything about it. I get paid tomorrow, but I have barely enough to cover rent, and nothing coming in for another ten days when (hopefully) I will get the child support payment. I say “hopefully” because I am worried now over a cryptic message my ex wrote last month about “switching jobs.”

I am considering going back to Uber, but I have to see if the van will pass inspection first.

Life is never easy.

With all of that – I may have to let go of my domain name, as it will be expiring next month. We shall see… Hopefully I can somehow scrounge up the $26 to renew, because I like having that name. If not, I’ll have to figure out how to copy all of my posts and transfer them back to the free domain name. It’s a little thing, so I shouldn’t sweat that.

Random Topic #3

Because I want to end this on a positive note, I write about this last. My regular readers know I am a “yuuuuge” Bernie Sanders supporter, and that I am really not a fan of Hillary Clinton. So what is happening in the Twitterverse has me absolutely giddy. #WhichHillary indeed!

I want to take a moment to say, Ashley Williams, you are a hero. What you did was very brave. It takes a lot of courage to walk into a room filled with people who are not likely to want to hear what you have to say and to make yourself heard. It is often that still, small voice, that voice that refuses to be ignored, that changes the course of history.


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