A #Feminist Speaks up for Bernie Sanders

Hey, women over the age of 40, can we have a little heart to heart here?

Yesterday, one of you called me a “child” before calling me a “Bernie Bot” after showing me some ridiculous article that accused Bernie Sanders of being misogynistic because Killer Mike made a remark about Hillary not being qualified simply because she has a uterus. Let’s not get our fallopian tubes in a twist here – he didn’t say her uterus in any way disqualified her – he was saying it didn’t make her any *more* qualified. Because Hillary has been playing the Vagina card an awful lot in her debates and town halls. She somehow seems to imply that her lady parts automatically make her the non-establishment candidate and Bernie just a good ol’ boy.

It doesn’t work that way. Being paid by banks to speak, paying people to stand with you and support you – those are things that make you “establishment.” Getting Superdelegates to vote for you even when the people overwhemingly vote for your opponent? THAT is what makes you part of the “establishment.” Not your genitalia.

I’m not a child, and that woman was condescending and insulting. I am old enough to remember voting for Bill Clinton the first time around, even though, as a college student, he set off my “sleaze radar” in some inexplicable way.

I went against my own instinct on that one. You know, it’s kind of funny – I remember the person I had the conversation with about Clinton. The guy’s name… I’ll call him Peter, to protect the guilty, even though that’s not his real name. Peter  was the one who convinced me to look past that sense of distrust.

Peter had a girlfriend, by the way. He cheated on her. I know. Because I was one of the people he cheated on her with. It’s not something I like to remember. But he and I crossed paths on Facebook, many years later. He married the girlfriend. We became Facebook friends. We’re not Facebook friends anymore, but before I unfriended him, he did tell me that he had a file of some of my pictures. I hope Peter never made his wife feel as violated as he managed to make me feel.

The way Hillary’s husband made Paula Jones feel. Oh, what, we can’t talk about that? You see, we’re not supposed to care about Bill Clinton’s “sex life.” Because Hillary “stood by her man.”  And Monica, who was an intern, in a vulnerable position, and very young, consented, so it’s all good, right?

But the list goes all the way back to Clinton’s Rhodes Scholar days. Here are a few links:



But what does all of this have to do with Hillary?  She didn’t grope those women, after all. She didn’t rape them. But her response was certainly not to support or believe them. There was no “Women have a right to be  believed” coming forth from her lips at that time:

Flashback: Hillary Clinton Threatened Bill’s Accusers in 1998

Can we please just be honest with ourselves? Hillary is not honest. She is not on anyone’s side but her own. She will say and do anything to get elected.

She started the “Birther” movement against President Obama:


She is a very well practiced liar.

Don’t you talk to me about how my vote for an honest man will set back women’s rights. I’m waiting for the right woman. I’m hoping she’ll be Bernie Sander’s Vice Presidential candidate. #ElizabethWarren

Meanwhile – we have a candidate, who happens to be male, who has stood for the rights of ALL HUMANS, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity – who believes in the things I believe in. He wants people to earn a fair wage. He wants people to have medical coverage. He wants people who want to go to college to be able to afford it.

Yes, please. I work hard. I worked hard even when I was a stay at home mother, something Hillary did not seem to understand back in the 1990s. From the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed, it was difficult work taking care of children and the house. I drove, did menial labor, taught, fed, and took care of three children, one of whom had special dietary concerns and many health issues. Everything I did, I did with three children in tow. I volunteered in their schools. Was there some down time? Yes, sometimes. But there were also plenty of times when I didn’t get to sleep through the night. Times when I had three kids throwing up at the same time, and had the washing machine and dryer running non-stop. Times when by the time I had one kid ready to get out the door for school, I had to chase the other two down and get them dressed all over again.

Back in the day, Hillary stated, in no uncertain terms, that women who were welfare recipients were “sitting around the house doing nothing.” There was a stereotype of women popping out children to stay in the system, because having babies and raising babies was somehow the “easy way out.” You could just get knocked up, pop out a kid, and voila, easy living! No need to work for a paycheck!

Welfare reform ended all of that by getting women out of the house into jobs that paid them! Sometimes more than minimum wage, even! (Though often, not.)

So, by extension, where were housewives in all of that? Stay at home mothers? Were we lazy eaters-of-bonbons? Failures at life?

Anyone who has ever been pregnant, gone through labor, pushed a baby through that opening in their body, or had one surgically removed, then gone through the recovery process will tell you – it’s not all fun and games. And changing diapers, feeding, bathing, and caring for a newborn is exhausting. raising children is work. Cleaning up after them is work. Teaching them is work. All of those things are work. If you can do all of those  things and bring in a paycheck, chances are you have help somewhere. Count yourself among the lucky. Not everyone does.

There is a tendency in society to define people by their paycheck. Bernie Sanders is pushing for pay equality and fair pay for all. That sounds pretty feminist-friendly to me.

But if you want to keep grasping at straws and making excuses to vote for Hillary, that’s fine. You don’t owe anyone any excuses. You can count me out, though. And please, don’t come crying to me in November, or blaming me when Donald Trump wins the presidency. Because plenty of people have tried to warn you – she has made too many enemies over the years, lied too many times. We’re not all blind, and some of us do remember.


2 thoughts on “A #Feminist Speaks up for Bernie Sanders

    1. Some of the comments coming from people trying to classify him as a misogynist are really grinding my gears. I heard someone said that a Bernie Sanders win will set the Feminist movement back. Seriously?!

      That’s almost as bad as this Baloney attempt to smear his Civil Rights record in the past couple of weeks. This idea that the Goldwater Girl has done more for Civil Rights than a man who was arrested for protesting in the 60s? What is wrong with people?

      Then they have the GALL to claim that Sanders is running a negative campaign? Sigh. I don’t think anyone in the history of political campaigns has ever been kinder to an opponent than Bernie Sanders has been, all things considered, to Hillary Clinton. There are SO many things he could call her out on. She’s lucky she’s not in prison right now. I made fun of the people who kept chanting “Benghazi!” but it looks like there is more to it than the Dems would have people believe.


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