Victory in Her Own Mind?

I’m not going to lie, I was already not a fan of Hillary Clinton. I’m also not going to list all the reasons I wasn’t a fan. Initially, I wanted to change my mind and like her, but there is just too much water under that bridge.

Then last night, during the Iowa Caucuses, with about 85% of the vote in, and the race still at about 51/49, she declared herself the winner when everyone else was still saying it was too close to call. It grew even closer.

I’ve heard a lot of people urging to “vote blue no matter who.” I’ve been up in the air about that, because I really, really dislike the idea of voting for any of the Republican candidates. I don’t want to see more conservatives on the Supreme Court. That said, time and again in this election cycle, I’m seeing “issues” in the Democratic party that seem to indicate that things are shady, and it sadly does not surprise me. I don’t trust Hillary Rodham Clinton.

When she declared herself a winner with so many votes still outstanding, and many of them in precincts that favored her opponent Bernie Sanders, she was doing more than trying to snatch a victory that hadn’t yet been won. She was writing off or discrediting votes that had yet to be counted, voices not yet heard, telling people that their choice did not matter, that they did not matter.

I get the sense that even if she were indicted and faced criminal proceedings for the email scandals, she would continue to run, believing she could beat the charges, even if it would tear apart the Democratic party and the political process, and indeed, the country, because she does NOT place the good of this country above her perceived “right” to lead.

I do think we are past due for a female president in this country. I’m really hoping that will happen soon. Please, Elizabeth Warren, can you run in 2020?


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