A Tale of Two Memes

Another thing that starts with yet another Facebook Group: I was added to a hilarious group called “Snacks for YallQaeda.”

Yes, it IS in response to the Oregon Standoff and the “Militia” calling for snacks. If you are on Facebook, I recommend that you do check it out, as well as another group, “Snacktevists of ‘Merica

Most of the people in the 10,000+ “Snacks for” group have a pretty good grasp of English spelling and grammar, which is rather unusual for any Facebook group. I suppose it’s a niche kind of thing?

We (the group) do a lot of meme-posting, poking fun of the “Militia” group involved in the Oregon Standoff. Yesterday, someone posted a rather controversial meme that received quite a bit of attention.

I’ve had to “recreate” the meme, because it has since been removed, due to the few people who had a very negative response.


Now, bear in mind this is a “Troll” group to begin with, and that we are making fun of people who are quite possibly mental based on poor life decisions. But a select few people thought the meme was just too mean-spirited. Sure, it was mean-spirited, but it was funny. Some of us like laughing in the dark. That’s why movies like Drop Dead Gorgeous get made.

I know and understand that Karen Carpenter had an eating disorder that ultimately killed her. Many young women, inspired by “thin” models, engage in actions that ultimately result in forming the same type of eating disorder. Mockery may or may not help prevent girls from doing this, but at the very least, laughing at the frailty of the human race can help some of us survive this cruel world.

After many of the comments, I decided to engage in a little experiment. I created a meme with another popular musician who died young due to poor life choices: in this case, a life of “excess.”


Here’s the thing – Elvis’ overindulgence was quite possibly the flip side of the same problem as Karen Carpenter’s disease. Yes, he also indulged in drugs, but the “joke” is more often the fact that he ate too many fatty foods. Did this meme create the outrage that the Karen Carpenter meme generated? No. And it has not yet been removed from the Group page.

Because in our society, it’s okay to laugh at people who are overweight or obese. It’s okay to laugh at hoarders. It’s okay to laugh at idiots who storm a bird sanctuary because they have bought into a belief that the “gubbermint” has taken away their rights. Each of those acts can be attributed to mental health problems.

But Karen Carpenter, that fragile twig who could have been snapped in half at her death because she starved herself despite having plenty of access to funds she could have used to purchase healthy food? Some said “Too soon.” Really? It’s been over 30 years. She is somehow off-limits. It’s not okay to make fun of the skinny girl.

Why is that?


One thought on “A Tale of Two Memes

  1. I think it’s because being slender is still the goal. The popular mind set is, being thin is good. Trying to become thin is good. When people die / suffer to be thin we must still venerate them because of the goal.
    Obese people conversely are lazy slobs who must be publicly shamed into conforming to thin.

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