Weird Wednesday – Food Pornography

On January 1, as I was sitting through a twelve hour shift (the college was closed) with very little else to do, I was browsing through my Facebook feed for a couple of minutes, and came across an interesting post from “Gin and Tacos.” It was an incredibly lame/annoying video from the lead singer of Creed and his family – a mini-documentary about a photo shoot they had in the woods. The description of the video on the Facebook entry read:

“This is the best thing since that 1991 Sizzler promotional video that looked like an episode of Full House but with everyone on peyote and eating bad buffet food.”

Naturally, someone posted the actual Sizzler video in question. So now, I will share it with you… and then I will dig up and add some other bizarre bizarre food-related videos found on YouTube, to provide you with a feast of oddities for the first “Weird Wednesday” of 2016. Don’t worry – I am going to select videos that won’t make you run to the refrigerator and break any New Year’s Resolutions.

Where to begin… The description from “Gin and Tacos” is pretty accurate. I’m going a step further and adding that this is the worst “food porn” I’ve ever seen. People my age might remember that “Sizzler” was once “Western Sizzlin'”, the home of glue-like pudding topped with whipped cream that had hardened to a consistency allowing one to pick it up in a giant chunk between two fingers.

It’s difficult to pinpoint a “favorite part” of this 4.5 minute infommercial, but I’d have to say that everyone seems to have the same reaction Cap’n Creeper at the 26 second mark: “I hope that kid’s not alone in the boat with that guy.”

Don’t watch this next video at work, unless you want to be embarrassed when your coworkers see what you’re watching.

That’s right – probably brought to you by the same people who demonstrated how to put on a condom by using a banana as a visual aid back when you were in high school, you, too can become an expert on how to finger fruit.

Does anyone else remember dumping the disgusting school cafeteria food into their mostly empty milk carton as a kid, and making “vomit”? Does anyone else remember the cafeteria ladies threatening to make anyone caught doing that EAT the resulting creation? Somehow, that popped into my head when I was watching the following video:


Quick! Name something really disgusting that you thought you would drink because it was supposed to be healthy!

Yes, I’ve tried Kombucha with chia seeds. Yes, it DOES taste like snot. No, I couldn’t drink much of it, either.


I leave you with one last parting video: that crazy Korean woman who does bizarre things with food. Here is Syori in her adaptation of The Little Mermaid.


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