A bad day

While I was trying to perfect the formatting on the memorial program for Melissa (my friend and coworker who passed away unexpectedly last week) I received a phone call from Adam. Babykins, the little ferret that was “his,” died.

I left work early. It was just too much. The worst part is that she is still in a plastic bin in my room because the ground was too wet to bury her – it was raining all day. So tomorrow after work and the memorial, I will be burying one of my fur-babies.

And we did something I’ve never done upon losing a pet. We brought home another ferret. We avoided the one who looked most like Babykins (another girl, too) and brought home a little boy who looks like Brownie, but with white patches, including mittens.

You can’t replace them, but sometimes you have to bring home a little bit of chaotic joy even through grief. 

He seems healthier than Babykins ever did. When we first brought her home you could see all of her ribs and her shoulder bones. Here’s to hoping we will have no more losses. I don’t think I can take it!


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