No time to cop a squat

When I was in college a million years ago, I joined the University Chorale for a few semesters. I loved being a part of such a wonderful ensemble, and many of the members were voice majors, especially in the summer chorale class. 

I remember Dr. Thomas asking one of them if she had done something or other in her spare time, and everyone laughing when she said she had no time to pop a squat.

Today is graduation at the college, which means all of our officers are very busy, and I am very much on my own in the office. I was a bit *concerned* when I realized that the portable radio was on the wrong channel, as I wanted to use the restroom. Fortunately, a dispatch certified officer came in at just the right moment to cover the radio and desk, and she reset the portable. But she has been running around all morning, and commented it will be a day that she won’t have time to use the facilities.

The phrase “pop a squat” has been misquoted as “cop a squat” often enough for it to be interchanged, and as I work with officers, it seemed more apt.

Time. We never know how much or how little we have. 

In this busy season, find some “down time” here and there.  



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