Because I don’t have enough going on…

Sparkly plastic snowflake on a glass pane
‘Tis the season for plastic snowflakes
  • Project 365 – a Photo a day, on my blog.
  • I’m going to a social gathering this evening, to mingle with other members of the Displaced Homemakers Program/Focus on the Future. This program helped me so much when I was first seeking employment after being a stay-at-home mother for 13 years.
  • Concert tomorrow night – for my son’s string orchestra and the extremely talented singers in the Chorus.
  • I am an idiot, and I am driving my daughter to her district One-Act contest thingy that is about 66 miles away on Saturday. Oh, and it’s going to take all friggin’ day, and I’m probably driving other people, too. Joy. But I really do want to see her perform. She has a lead in this play, and this will be the only chance to watch.

BUT I also have to:

  • Get my last homework assignment for Programming turned in by midnight. I haven’t started it yet. (I’ve done the reading, though…)
  • Take the third exam for my Database Management class.
  • Keep on keeping on at work.
  • Prepare for final exams.

So, yeah. Can I say, once again, that this time of year kind of sucks? At least I have a week off at Christmas. Except for an all day deposition on the 23rd. But other than that…


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