This is NOT the most wonderful time of the year

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Christmas lights. I like the cooler temperatures now that I’m in Florida, where “cooler” is no lower than an occasional burst of 30 degrees. I love the old carols.


Christmas Tree at the Station

But this is the week and a half where everything collides into one very frustrating exercise in “get it all done before ___”

It’s the end of the fall semester. I just completed a very time consuming homework assignment for Database Management over the course of three days, I have another Programming assignment due this week, a programming exam (NOT the final) due by Tuesday night, midnight, another Database Management exam due by the end of the week, and then, there are finals, unless the professors decide to waive them. (Fingers crossed! Yes, that does happen sometimes.)

Multiply all of the above for the kids and their activities in the coming two weeks.

So what did I spend the other chunk of my time doing this weekend?

Creating more fantasy photo stuff.

A “Fairy” in a Flower
Girl holding frog in front of pond
Princess and the Frog

My Photo Shop skills definitely need more work, but it’s a start.

I was inspired by this video:

It was also Thanksgiving weekend in the USA, and after work, my husband and I trotted on over to my parents’ house (about an hour drive) where I was delighted to see my older sister and her significant other as well as my parents and grandmother. We had a joint “birthday” party, like we did as little kids visiting my grandparents. Her birthday is a few days after mine (but two years earlier)

My grandmother

After visiting my parents, we paid a brief visit to Adam’s mother’s house, where I had an eye-swelling allergic reaction to the guinea pig that used to be ours, but who now lives with Valerie.

And then, there was football. If left to my own devices, I wouldn’t bother to watch, but Adam is a Michigan State fan and a University of Florida fan.

Today, someone posted a video of a girl who had her head shaved because the Cowboys lost a game. It was no doubt one of those scenarios where the kid sh!t talked about the teams, but watching the video just made me sad.

It’s going to take years for her to grow that hair back. Sure, it’s just hair, but it’s also just football. There are bigger things happening in the world than who wins some stupid game, and this kid is going to be upset every time she looks in the mirror for a few days because of some stupid game and some silly bet and cousins who made her go through with it despite the fact that she was hysterically crying.

As for more important things in the world – I know I have trimmed down my Facebook friends list enough when most of my friends are not only horrified by the Planned Parenthood clinic shooting, but believe that it was, at least in part, attributable to the recent slander campaign against Planned Parenthood. Adam found comments praising the shooter for “saving babies.” No.

The not only did NOT save any babies (real or imagined) he may have killed some pregnant women who were at the clinic for routine care. And he killed a police officer, wounded five other police officers, but was somehow not shot when apprehended. White privilege?

I know this is not about the “time of year,” but it all goes together with raised anxiety levels, where people have a tendency to “snap.”

But this is all stuff for another post, because I do have so much more to say about all of that.

I’ve avoided the mall since the week before Thanksgiving, when I had to take my daughter to buy a dress to wear to the Broadway show Chicago, but I will probably have to return this afternoon to buy her boots to replace the pair with the worn-out soles. It never ends…

So I’ll take my trip to the mall sometime in the late afternoon, hope it’s not too crowded, and come home to sip hot cocoa with some of the pumpkin or sweet potato pie I made yesterday after the kids came home from New York. If I had room anywhere in the house, I would set up the gigantic artificial Christmas tree that is sitting in a bag near the front door.

Things could be worse. I could need something sold only at Walmart.





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