Stumbling onto interesting things

Okay, Happy Thanksgiving. Happy Birthday to me, too. I’m at work, where there is almost nothing to do (I dispatched someone to unlock a door for a professor who came in on this fine holiday, and shared a message from the Chief to the officers who were out of the office) but homework, and that was putting me to sleep, so I’ve been back on Facebook.

Oh, and I’ve started a new project of sorts with my photos. I’m trying to make cards.

I’m not going to show the Christmas card I made, because I bought enough to give out to coworkers and a few friends, and I’ll share it with the rest of the world AFTER I give them out, so as not to spoil the surprise.

The idea is that at some point, I will go to some local festival type places and sell photos and greeting cards.

So far I’ve ordered ten “Thinking of you” note cards from Vista Print.

Note card with a photo of a frog sitting by a window with raindrops
Pensive frog is thinking of you…


I have NOT yet ordered some “Get Well Soon” cards that I’ve been playing around with.

"Don't Let the Plague get you down... Get well soon!
The Plague Doctor is in…

I posted this on Facebook, to see how people would respond in general. Which led to a few comments from a friend I picked up in one of my more normal groups (A Flying Spaghetti Monster group) and he posted a link  to a news blurb about a cryptic and creepy video that apparently a bunch of people who are not me have already watched.

Of course, there are all sorts of conspiracy theories out there about what it means. From the very beginning with the holding up of the fingers to sign “312” (which is an area code in Chicago, the town from which our President hails) to the morse code and alleged coordinates, some think it is a threat of an attack to come.

A prank? That would be pretty elaborate, and take quite a bit of time. Where there is time, usually money is involved, which brings us to a third alternative: it is an advertising campaign for a movie, event, or product that will be coming out soon.

I didn’t have to read that suggestion to have it come to mind while watching the video.

Whatever it is for, it is intriguing.

And having watched it, I am no longer dozing off.



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