I’ve had posts running through my head all week…

There were things throughout the week that I thought about writing, but it’s just been a blah kind of week. There were some entertaining moments at work, rants about politics, all the usual junk I would write, but getting the computer out was just too much effort, and now I am writing a post from my phone.

I found out yesterday that Jarod Fogel of Subway  fame and child porn infamy was sentenced to 2-15 years.

Meanwhile, my brother, Joshua Hakken (yes, I am going there and saying his name) is in prison for 15 years – a plea bargain he made that he was probably not even sane enough to make.

In jail, he converted to Islam, which seems to bring him comfort, but he is being harrassed and threatened with food withholding by guards who are claiming he didn’t trim his beard short enough. Who knows what he has gone through.

If you Google search the name, you will see the story, and you can see the crazy in his eyes. No, he was not always that way.

It makes me sad to know that he may never see his kids, who were his world, again. It makes me sad to know he will probably never again see our grandmother, who celebrated her 90th birthday last month.

Each and every one of his illegal actions were directly caused by the schizophrenia. They were running from Florida because they thought the government was out to get them. They had a skewed sense of reality.

And for that, for kidnapping his own children, for sailing off to Cuba because in his deranged mind it was a safe haven, he will be in prison longer than Jarod Fogel.

Meanwhile, people get away with all sorts of atrocities.


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