Crunch Time…

On top of school work hitting that final spurt toward the end of the semester, I have been busy with the String Boosters fund raiser. The orders for the bulk sale part had to be submitted today, and we did not quite make our quota of 24, but we came close enough that we are already turning a profit despite having to purchase 6 additional items that we will try to sell when they arrive. The online part of the sale is still in swing until December 5, so don’t forget to buy a direct shipped wreath from using code BUFL…

Sorry, had to get another plug in.

Saturday, I had to drop my daughter up at the ass-crack of pre-dawn for her drama contest. 5:45 a.m. No, I did NOT go back to bed – I then went back to the house, got my oldest kid up, and we went right back to the high school in a futile attempt to sell more wreaths at the band’s garage sale. Normally, it is supposed to get large crowds. Saturday? Not so much. There was also an art festival down town, a bunch of extra-curricular events out of town, and a Gator game on the telly.

What good did come of the four hours of my life I will never get back:

  • I found out that the band did a wreath sale before we did, but theirs was strictly online/direct ship. They have graciously offered to let us sell our unsold wreaths before and after their concert, provides the wreaths arrive on time. Next year we might combine the bulk sale with them, and just have separate online sales using separate codes.
  • A very talented “amateur” photographer was selling some of her photos. I now know of a great photo finishing place in town.
  • I picked up some interesting Christmas gifts for a couple of my kids.
  • The photographer called my attention to Kirsty Mitchell. If you haven’t checked out Wonderland yet, you should.

I am not sure if I have yet posted some of my latest adventures with Photoshop, but I will risk being repetitious.


Because why not keep adding to the edited photo until it’s over-the-top?
This is a blend of Photoshopped me and real me.


Lebanon and France both suffered great loss this week. The original photos are not my own, but the PS blending was.



This was made in a “Space Effects” photo editor. Oops, indeed.


NaNoWriMo is not really getting much of my attention, though I have been s-l-o-w-l-y starting a sequel to D&H. I have no idea what I will call it at this point. I plan on making it a bit more graphic than the first.



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