Weird Wednesday War Stories – Happy Veteran’s Day!

To all who serve, and all who have served, I thank you, and wish you a very happy and healthy Veteran’s Day.

War is a gruesome business. I wouldn’t know personally, having never been, but I did get to listen to my ex-husband tell our kids about the time he tried to put someone’s brains back in their head. I’m sure he has plenty of horror stories to tell., as always, has a “top five messed up war stories,” stemming from World War I and World War II. Naturally, because they always have fun and interesting messed up stories. I’m thinking, though, that there were plenty of extra-creepy things that occurred in other wars not mentioned in their top five. So I’m searching for some sites.

Here is a random list of “true weird war stories” that are all about a sentence long if you’re interested, and it is much more inclusive. But they are all just fact blurbs, with no further detail.

Listverse has a rather intriguing article about Weird Mysteries from the Civil War. Many of them have been solved in recent years. Some of these “Mysteries” involved ideas that were ahead of their time. #8 proves that someone thought of Photo Shop long before computers even existed. And one has to wonder if anyone ever secretly invented a flying machine as suggested by #2.

I had never paid attention to “Listverse” before today, but I’ll be checking out more of their stories in the future. They have another great article, “10 of the Absolutely Strangest Moments in the History of War” that is worth a peek.

War is a terrible thing. Those who serve are often scarred in ways that go beyond physical impressions on the body. While I wish all a Happy Veteran’s Day, and appreciate the service of our military (and their families!) I hope that one day, human beings may evolve enough to make the need for war a thing of the past.

World Peace would be nice.



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