What photo editing can do

I have been playing with Photo Shop on my phone, and I just downloaded an additional “correction” type PS application.

I took a photo and played with it. This was the end result:

But here is a photo that was not retouched:

Yes, they are two different photos, because I wasn’t at all sure that the photo I thought was the “original” of the first was not slightly altered as well.

Does the altered photo look pretty? Sure. But it is not reality.

 The photo of my daughter above was taken in front of a green screen. The butterfly in her hand existed in Colorado several years ago, where I photographed it on an Echinacea blossom. The background was my back yard a few weeks ago.

I am practicing my sorely lacking PS skills because I want to make fairy tale like photos. I am hoping to also take plenty of real, raw photos.

Reality with all its harsh lines is still beautiful.


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