Buy a Holiday Wreath!

Today I am shamelessly promoting a sale on my blog.

Our high school has started a string orchestra with a very talented group of kids, but orchestras cost money. Money for instruments, because a string bass can’t be carried back and forth on the school bus. Money for dresses and tuxedos for the kids to wear while performing. Money for music. Money for transportation to participate in contests.

While there is an audition-only youth orchestra that meets once a week, This is the only high school in Alachua County with a string orchestra. It is more accessible to students like my son who might be very talented, but not quite ready to make the cut with ACYO.

There are tons of studies out there about the benefits of music in schools. Beyond love of music itself, the study of music improves math skills, gives students a positive outlet of expression, and instrumental instruction improves fine motor skills and coordination. Being in an ensemble develops social skills and teamwork.

All of that aside, has absolutely beautiful wreaths that can be directly shipped to your home or the home of a loved one. Our code is BUFL. If you do shop, please enter the code when you order your wreath!

BUFL = our code!!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you to all who support the arts.


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