Sometimes just staying healthy is an accomplishment

What did I do yesterday after work? Once again, very little. I examined the inside of my eyelids and experienced some REM sleep for a good chunk of the afternoon when I wasn’t picking up kids or food.

But I am not sick, at least not yet, though everyone around me seems to be calling out this week. I don’t want to jinx myself here, but I am hoping to make it through the week without catching the stuff going around. Because this Friday is an official school holiday, so if I can work my regularly scheduled 40 hour work week, I collect time and a half for 8 hours on top of my regular pay. 

The same goes for Veteran’s Day next week, and for Thanksgiving the following week.

Frankly, I could use the money. We eat through money like it’s going out of style. And Uber was becoming more hassle than it was worth.

Yesterday, work left me with an eye-strain headache to go with the neck and shoulder pain that I have from catching myself last month when I started falling off the edge of the bed with all my usual grace.

Eye strain, you ask? Because my coworker and I had to examine ten months worth of calls to one of the buildings on campus to find any concerning a particular room in said building. This involved going back and forth between two computer monitors to read a detail line that only appears when you open the call in our computer aided dispatch system.

The thing they don’t tell you about “detective work” on television and movies is how freakin’ TEDIOUS it can be. Or how many hours police spend writing reports. 

Law and Order: Office Administrative Duties.

Prosecuting Attorney: Did you send over the documents to the defense attorney on the Melvin case?

Legal Secretary: I hit Fed Ex about an hour ago.

Prosecuting Attorney: Let’s see… We have three business days, and Monday didn’t count because it was a legal holiday… We’re cutting it close, but if it gets there by tomorrow, we should be okay.

Meanwhile at the Police Station…

Sgt. Frisk: You need to revise this report again. You left out the arrival time. 

Officer Krumpke: [grunbling noise and muttering]

Sgt. Frisk: It really is important. We need documentation of how long the perpetrator was in custody. If we held him too long, the whole case could be thrown out.

Officer Krumpke: I’ll get right on that, sir.
Yeah. Not exactly a nail biter.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes just staying healthy is an accomplishment

  1. Yup, I totally get that. I’m actually one of the few hourly IS associates that I know. My company did an internal audit a few years ago and saw that the Dept of Labor, if they audited us, could say that we shouldn’t be salary due to the time requirements of our work. Which, they aren’t wrong, we have pagers to carry and our weeks are rarely only 40 hours. It’s usually good for 2-3 hours past that on a normal week, and during summer construction season/storm season, we’re busier so it’s usually more hours. Since I’m hourly, and we’ve been really busy, I’ve been avoiding vacation days and sick days so as to not cost us money. And, no guff Chet, the extra money has been very helpful.

    We finally hit the point that we hit every fall where we’ve gotten “caught up” from summer. My wife is a public school teacher, she gets her summer pay on May 31st and doesn’t get paid again until Sept 22nd. So, we have to make it last and live off my pay during the summer and early fall every year. And this year in order to lessen the blow of living so lean, I’ve been picking up hours on the weekends, in the evenings, an hour here, 30 mins there, it adds up nicely. Well, we’re finally at the point where I can take days off again and not feel like I’m hurting our bottom line. Had a 3 day weekend this past weekend and have another in 10ish days. I have to admit, it’s nice.

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    1. I am taking “Black Friday” off, and a few days during Christmas break.

      We get paid in the middle of December for the paycheck that should come at the end of December, then go a month with no checks. While the pay is the same, it’s harder to pace spending of the big check and make it stretch as long as it needs to.

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