And what DID I do on Halloween? Pretty much nothing.

Counting down to absolutely nothing. Typical of me. Yesterday, the highlight of my day was probably taking my two younger kids shopping for overpriced Halloween costumes. The highlight of my night was waiting until AFTER picking my daughter up from a Halloween party to eat the “Acapulco Chicken” I had ordered from some never-yet-tried Mexican restaurant, only to discover that my sixteen year old had “accidentally” eaten MY food, leaving some chicken fajita crap that I did NOT want. His punishment is that he gets to eat chicken fajitas for supper tonight. I guess he missed the whole “ACAPULCO CHICKEN” written in big letters across the front of the container? Or maybe he opened it and the pineapple beckoned him too strongly.

Girl in pajamas and girl in Steampunk costume
My daughter and her friend.
Boy in black hooded robe with White bird mask
My son as a “Plague Doctor” – complete with fake rat.

I didn’t so much as watch a horror flick, as Adam had football playing all day. The Gators won. Nobody  came  begging for candy from our house.

At least we watched an X-Files Marathon all last week.

Today begins NaNoWriMo. I can never remember what it stands for, beyond having to do with novel writing in November. National Novel Writing Month. That time of year when everybody and their cousin tries to start writing a novel. The other eleven months don’t count. It’s kind of like a New Year’s Resolution for writers, only we start in November and give up by Veteran’s Day instead of the whole working out and dieting for the first week of January out of guilt over the holiday binging.

I really do want to write another novel, though. I have ideas for several spinning through the back of my mind. But perhaps I should try to get back into the habit of writing every day, even when the writing only consists of lame blog posts.

Happy November, and Happy Writing if you’re going for it. Feel free to tag your ongoing project in my “Fiction Friday” page, and I will repost it for my six hundred and something Facebook Friends if you’d like.  Free publicity!


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