Countdown to Halloween – Happy Devil’s Night!

Tonight in Detroit, people will be burning stuff. It’s “Devil’s Night.” If you follow the link to the Wiki about Devil’s Night, you will see a list of films that reference the event, including The Crow.

Close up of a flame

It’s funny how, even though we moved to Florida when I was not quite five, memories of Detroit have in some ways shaped my perceptions of the world even to this day. It was, in fact, one of the reasons I met Adam. He, too, was born in Detroit and he, too wound up in Dunnellon. He went back and forth between the two places, and I lived in some places he did not, but the shared experiences were a touchstone. We had many common experiences, but the shared geography was often separated by time.

This week has felt a little strange in some ways. I had Monday off – I had put in for vacation months ago, because I thought there was a chance I might be photographing the wedding of a friend of a friend, but the wedding was postponed indefinitely. Rather than cancel the time off, I decided to enjoy a three day weekend, and I appreciated time to recuperate from the crazy exam event of Sunday. Tuesday was a busy day at work, Wednesday had most of the dispatchers going to a “well-being” training session at the local sheriff’s office (though one of our dispatchers ironically called in sick, and since then, more people in the office have come down with whatever she had.) Yesterday was interesting because it was mostly slow, but some of the calls were odd, and I worked with a former coworker who moved on to another job but who will be coming back from time to time on a temp basis, so she needed to come in and learn our new computer dispatch system.

Today, I’m working very odd hours – from 4:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, because the dispatcher who normally works the overnight shift was sick, and our other temp employee, who came in to cover for the first sick dispatcher yesterday afternoon, worked a 13 hour shift. I came in early to relieve her, and I’m hoping the coworker who works the 9-5 shift today won’t be sick as well.

Side note: if I were all alone in this world, without kids or spouse to worry about, I think I would choose to work nights. There is something peaceful about being on campus when it is closed and dark. And while I am fine with working mornings, when I don’t have to work, my tendency is often to stay up very late.

Last night, Adam and I went out shopping and for dinner. After dropping food off for the locusts, we were going to Walmart (why not?) and on the drive there, wound up having this bizarre conversation about time travel, the human race, the possibility that humans may already have traveled in time.

The conversation began with something Adam had pulled up on his phone while waiting for me to drop off the food for the kids. It was an article about a growing crack in the earth in Wyoming, probably caused by hydraulic fracturing, or “Fracking.” Fracking. We’re so screwed… This article led to a conversation about how some of the “end times” prophecies can appear to be coming true these days. Now, neither Adam nor I are religious. We were both brought up as Christians – he was Roman Catholic, I was Episcopalian, but we’re both pretty much Agnostic/borderline Atheist with a shared belief that the Bible was a fabrication designed to explain things not understood at the time and developed to keep a certain established order in place that favored the people who created the Bible.

That said, there are many things in and of this world that human beings cannot yet explain. I believe in premonitions because I’ve experienced them.  I’ve also sometimes wondered if thoughts can have an energy that can change the shape of things. Every thing that was ever invented has started as an idea in someone’s mind. But sometimes it seems to go beyond “dream it and build it.” Sometimes, we seem to invent a story, and in ways that seem beyond our control, that story comes into being.

Part of the seeming “coming together” of Biblical predictions is no doubt a repetition of ordinary earth events. Things shift and cycle. But much in the way some humans once believed the earth was flat, we still see time as a linear thing, moving in one direction only, in a steady march forward. What if it isn’t that simple?

I’ve often thought that time may be a spiral, much like the Fibonacci Sequence, and that when a circle was complete, it might be possible to view other times – both past and future – by catching a glimpse of a neighboring ring.

One of my favorite books as a child was A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle. The children travel through space, visiting planets that in some cases are very different from earth, to save their father from the dark thing that is trying to overtake light. They travel by folding time, something referred to as a “tesseract” in the story. What if such things really are possible? What if someone has already traveled this way?

It’s the stuff of science fiction. Then again, at one time so was the submarine. Believe it or not, there may be evidence that time travel has already occurred. While most of the photos on the internet are probably products of Photo Shop, it’s fun to speculate.

Girl kneeling in surreal landscape
I’m not very good at this Photo Shop thing yet.

I suppose one of the reasons we humans like to speculate about time is because ours is limited.


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