Countdown to Halloween – 14 Days!

We’re at the two week point. And I’m going to revisit costumes.

The best Halloween costumes start with what you already have, and play on that. Last night was my kid’s homecoming. My son went to the game (he worked in the concession stand and had fun) and skipped the dance. My daughter skipped the game and went to the dance.

She decided to go earlier this week. we are tight on funds, so I suggested she use something she already owns, especially since I just bought her a variety of fun stuff from Goodwill. She used an old dress that I bought for myself a few years ago, and the “gold” shoes from Goodwill. We played up on the look of the dress and Meg’s bob, and she went roaring 20’s.

Flapper girl in black dress with gold accessories

We did an impromptu “photo shoot” right outside of the Walgreen’s, where we bought safety pins to “alter” the dress, socks in case she decided she wanted to take the shoes off while at the dance, and the little gold cosmetics bag she used to carry her phone, ID, inhaler and Epipen. Safety first!

It would have made an awesome Halloween costume.

A little Photo shop to give the setup an older feel.
Close-up of the
A little more Photo Shop magic – this time to make it “ethereal.” Yes, she had silver glitter eyeliner and gold eye shadow.

This outfit could have easily been converted to something very Shining-esque and creepy. A little makeup to make her look like a ghost or zombie would have completely changed the mood.

One year I dressed as a mafioso. I wore a suit I already owned, and bought a fedora and a fake Tommy Gun from one of those Halloween shops. I went to a party with a friend who did the same. We were too cool for words.

It’s amazing what you can do with a few accessories.

The head band and clip on earrings were from J.C. Penney. The lovely woman in the lingerie shop who got me a great deal on the black strapless bra in my daughter’s difficult-to-find size will be receiving another visit from us soon!


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