Countdown to Halloween – 18 days

Only 18 days to go? Did I sleep through a few? Oops.

Today’s topic: Scary movies

When I was really little, I remember going to the drive through movies. Very vague memories – It was before I was four – but I think we watched the Wolfman. That year, when I was three, I decided I wanted to be WOLFMAN for Halloween. Not some pretty princess. Nope. Wolfman. In Detroit. Land of Devil’s Night.

It was all good until some guy dressed in a wolf man costume grabbed some kid and ran off. That was a little scary to my three year old mind, and I think I was a bit concerned that he might want to grab a miniature wolf man, too. That mask was saved for many years – one of those creepy 1970s masks that came with a plastic pantsuit that probably tore into a dress by the end of the night – and my older sister and I used it to tease my younger brother, wearing it, with a hideous crocheted green and brown blanket, posing as “The Bogey Man.” I’d say we were pretty mean, but Joshua LOVED to be scared as much as we did. When he was five, he had to watch Poltergeist every single time it played on HBO. (“Damn it, Tweetie, couldn’t you have waited for a school day?”)

I’ve always loved scary movies. I remember watching Dr. Paul Bearer’s Creature Feature with movies like “Squirm” and “Children Should Not Play with Dead Things.” I was not into the really graphic stuff, but the psychological ghost stories were the best.

In keeping with family tradition, I took my newborn with me when I went to watch The Blair Witch Project. He slept through most of it.

Here are trailers for 10 Scary Movies that I think are pretty cool:

1. The Astronaut’s Wife is a remake of sorts, but I won’t reveal which movie it revamps. If you’ve seen the movie it imitates, you’ll know when you watch it.

2. Lake Mungo is sad and eerie, and off the beaten path.

3. Watch Skeleton Key a second time, after you know how it ends, and it gets creepier.

Jeepers Creepers was filmed on the road where I went to high school, which is probably a large part of why I found it so eerie.

4. I remember watching the trailer for The Shining when I was in elementary school, and being utterly horrified. I didn’t watch the movie until many years later. Love, love, love Stanley Kubrick, and the music sets such a tone…

5. Being based on a famous legend makes Mothman Prophecy seem more real, somehow.

6. The Forgotten is probably not considered a horror movie, per se, but I think it touches on some pretty dark fears.

7. Fallen is a little overplayed, but fun, nonetheless. Too bad the end sucked.

8. The Craft kind of made me want to go out and try some of the stuff.

9. This is not your Disney Snow White.

I think Mirrors is probably the most disturbing movie I’ve ever watched in my entire life. Mostly because mirrors have always freaked me out at night. For good reason, apparently.

I’m going to throw in a few of Adam’s favorites:

I’ve never watched The Hills Have Eyes.

The Alien movies may be considered “Sci Fi” rather than horror, but obviously that didn’t stop me with such movies as The Astronaut’s Wife.

Share your favorite scary movie in the comments?


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