Halloween Countdown – 29 Days Left

Maybe it’s the fact that I am going to watch another high school musical production (Shout! – my daughter is in the stage crew this time, working a fog machine!) this evening, but I decided that tonight I will post about one of my favorite aspects of Halloween – Costumes!

There are many aspects to costumes. It’s not just about the clothing, or the masks, or even hair and makeup. Any true Thespian will tell you that the most important aspect is STAYING IN CHARACTER. One year, my daughter just put dark circles under her eyes, wore normal clothes, and SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF EVERYONE by doing the creepy stare.

Girl with devil horns next to zombie girl
My daughter is the kid on the right…

But the hair, makeup, clothing, etc., really do help.

Here are some fun hair/makeup tutorials:

A little creepy inspiration, but what if you’re not wanting to go all out scary?

A fun hairstyle to try:

I used it for a “Disney Style Challenge” the week we did “the Great Movie Ride.” The black and white photo I took is now my Facebook Profile pic:

1940s style updo, black and white photo
Yours truly, 1940s style.

I seem to do the witch thing often. It’s not much of a stretch, I guess. 😉

Black and white witch photo

Red and black witch
A more “Gothic” style “Witch” – but I lost my hat!
Witch on Broom stick
My daughter as “Elphaba” from Wicked – Green makeup and all!

The worst costume ever was the year I decided to dress up as a bag of garbage. Hot plastic over hot tights and a hot black sweater on a warm night in Florida, and everyone thought I was a freakin’ California raisin. Bummer.

I find I am running out of time, but I will return to this theme, as I have so many costumes I really do want to share! 🙂

Did you have a favorite/least favorite costume? Please comment!


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