Countdown to Halloween – 30 Days to go

Halloween. All Hallow’s Eve. Samhain. Call it what you will – even “that night when kids dress up in costume to scam you out of candy.”

There is something fun about being spooked. My siblings and I used to love to decorate rooms and make sound tracks of creepy sounds to create a “Haunted House” in the room.

Maybe it’s a desire to connect with something that lasts longer than our time on earth, or maybe it’s that cozy feeling of being safe that follows pretend-creepy stuff, but many of us love the holiday.

I’ve been rather remiss in my blogging lately, but I’m going to try to post something creepy every day this month.

Today, it’s a link to 29 Creepy Photos. Yes, there is probably a logical explanation behind some of them – double exposed film, or things doctored on Photoshop. At any rate, they are eerie, and fun to look at.

Black and white photo of people with light in background.
Zombies, or the people in line for the Haunted Trail at Six Flags Great Adventure? Same difference?

Eerie, fun, and not the political sort of creepy.


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