Points to Ponder:
At one point, the Democrats were the “Old South,” the “Boll Weevil Democrats” who supported slavery, segregation, and everything the Republicans were against at that time. Yup, Republicans of the day were the radicals who were on the Union side of the Civil War.

Then they flip-flopped. Republicans became more “Conservative” and Democrats more “Liberal.”

These days, the Democrats have become more Conservative again, with Republicans going far off in some “Tea Party” movement, and the Republican Party is beginning to fracture. John Boehner’s step-down is a symptom of this. Don’t be too surprised to see more “Republicans” become “Democrats” and vice versa. And there are new parties on the rise: Libertarians, Democratic Socialists, the Green Party to name a few. Realize that these are all just names, that could be “X”, “Y,” “A,” and “B” like when you took algebra as a kid. Variables, and you have to look at the surrounding circumstances to figure out what someone truly represents.

Don’t just blindly vote for a party – research the candidates, look into their policies. Ask yourself what you think would be best for this country. Ask yourself what serves YOUR best interests. You are TOTALLY allowed to be “selfish” when you vote. It’s called having a voice.

Remember, too, that up until last week, KIM DAVIS WAS A REGISTERED DEMOCRAT. She has now switched affiliation to the Republican Party. Surprise!

It is no secret to anyone who knows me that I support Bernie Sanders in this election. I support him because I look at his record, and I listen to his words, and I see him as someone who has a positive message about financial equality. Some will say that his policies require “using someone else’s money.” I would say that when someone WORKS for less than they should, because big corporations hold all the cards, it is the money of the WORKERS that needs to be returned.

I’ve seen trends in the workplace over the past few decades. One huge trend is for companies to lay off a bunch of workers, then instill enough fear in the people who have not been cut that they cower, and work two jobs for one salary. Unions may have their faults, but if it weren’t for the Electricians’ Union, my father would have been cut so that Florida Progress could hire someone with less experience and expertise at a lower rate. Service gets shoddier, but it’s not like people would just shut off their power rather than suffer at the hands of the power company. I know we’re paying WAY to much for really crappy cable service because we have too many trees on our rental property to go for satellite, and there is only one cable company. (We have it for the internet, too.)

  1. Image result for democratic socialism

Democratic socialism is a political ideology advocating a democratic political system alongside a socialist economic system, involving a combination of political democracy with social ownership of the means of production.
Capitalism has its pros and cons. It CAN work, but if it goes unchecked too long, it leads to fascism. Just as Socialism leads to communism if it goes unchecked. It is a balancing act, and for now, we’ve gone too far down one road for too long, and we need to move in another direction to level out the playing field.

Look at his stance on the issues, and compare Bernie Sanders to Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Ask yourself, how did the economy change after FDR brought in his policies? Would it be so bad to repeat that part of history, minus the whole World War II thing?

And I’m starting to feel like I’m writing WAY too many posts about politics these days. I promise, the next post I write will be about fuzzy little squirrels or something.
Squirrel on a recycling can
He knows how to recycle.

4 thoughts on “Flip-Flops

  1. I doubt it’s ever going to happen, but my dream would be a Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren ticket. Having said it’s very unlikely, though, an actual socialist was recently elected against seemingly impossible odds to become the leader of the main opposition party in the UK, so who knows.


    1. I don’t know about Elizabeth Warren (I REALLY like her, but I’m not sure if she’d run with him) but Bernie is actually closing in/leading in the polls now. If he wins the Democratic nomination, he really does have huge support, not just with Democrats, but with some fed up Independents and Republicans. He has a good chance. Time will tell, eh?

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      1. Well, I have my fingers crossed for him. Hillary is better than any GOP candidate by several thousand miles, but that’s only because they’re so unbelievably awful. I don’t like the ties she has with big business and there are a lot of other people I’d rather see get the nomination before her. Anyway, like I say, fingers crossed for Bernie.

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