Weird Wednesday – in which I Google Search the phrase ‘Weird Wednesday.’

Naturally I’m not the only person to ever have thought of the phrase. Wednesday has always had to have a gimmick. When I lived in Atlanta, some radio station had “Whip ’em Out Wednesday” in which the sexist pigs encouraged women to flash their boobs.

I just typed “Weird Wednesday” into the address bar (which amounts to a Google search) and caught myself before hitting “enter,” because I was all set to write “something, ANYTHING!” for Weird Wednesday, because I’ve been slacking off on the blog, and because I just finished my Programming homework. We’re using “Raptor” by the way. Basically, you design a flowchart program, using pseudo-code, for those of you who haven’t heard of Raptor. I’m thinking it would be fun to create a “Choose Your Own Adventure” program in which no matter what your choice is, you die in the end.

Today, though, it was a grocery store program. And I’m thinking I should have created a Welcome message, so I’m already second-guessing myself. Oh well.

Here’s a screen shot of the program after I’ve entered an item:

Flowchart showing a program design for pricing items
In case you wanted to know how much your eyeballs cost.

Anyway, to get to the point of the title now, I decided why NOT Google-search “Weird Wednesday”?

Here are the links I found:

The 1970s show “Emergency!” had an episode titled “Weird Wednesday.”

There is a band called “Terry Dame’s Weird Wednesdays” who have a Facebook page.

After a broken “Choose your own Weird Wednesday” link from Austin, the City of Weird (or one of them, let’s not forget Portland.) there was another Austin Weird Wednesday link – this one for Kentucky Fried Movie.

And guess what appears right under that? MY Facebook page!

Then, there is this:

So, I’m developing an online presence for Weirdness. At least from my own computer. I’ll take it. INFAMY!

Have you ever Google Searched a topic/category you’ve written about and found yourself? This could lead to an existential crisis.


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