On a lazy Sunday Afternoon

I’m procrastinating. I should be taking an exam, but I’m not yet. And I have thoughts about so many things spinning through my head.

I got myself kicked out of a Facebook Group. Okay, so I left it voluntarily after admins told me (for good reason, I’ll admit) that I was no longer welcome. My final parting shot was, sadly, the rather racist remark that I prefer watermelon and fried chicken to cake. But in honesty, I was provoked.

Surprise. Because most of you know I’m pretty damned liberal, right? What made me make such a remark?

The original post was someone wanting validation or rebuke or just plain attention (not sure which) for her choice to decorate HER OWN HOME with Moroccan/Gypsy-Boho style decor. “Cultural Appropriation.”

Feel free to call me out on this, but I find the whole topic of cultural appropriation to be laced with a great deal of nonsense. Perhaps this is my ugly “white privilege” speaking, but imitation coupled with acknowledgment of the originator can actually be a form of flattery. And when it comes to someone’s PERSONAL RESIDENCE, it’s really nobody’s damned business if someone wants to put a few multi-colored cushions and scarves, etc. in a room. Just because I may buy furniture from IKEA and decorate in a Spartan sort of style doesn’t mean I am trying to make fun of Scandinavia.

Now, normally I would have said “look, it’s her house, who the fuck cares” and let it go at that (despite the “Byee” remark from an admin) but this administrator felt it was okay to post private messages from someone else who had disagreed with their limited view, and who had been booted from the group, in an attempt to gain a lot of back-patting from like-minded cronies. I friend-requested the outcast. She’s pretty cool. The admin was NOT cool, nor were her cronies. Guess what? Most of them were white.


I made the mistake of saying it carried political correctness too far. Someone posted a meme quoting Neil Gaiman (but that’s not appropriation…)

Long story short, after they repeatedly tagged me with stupid comments, including one about how I wanted my cake and to eat it, too, I replied with “I don’t really like cake. I prefer Watermelon and Fried Chicken.” I was told I was no longer welcome. I replied with “Crying white girl tears as I type this” before leaving the group.

I feel, however, that I missed an opportunity to troll just a little. I should have gone on there with a few “moral dilemmas.”

I can't decide if it's okay to eat Chick-Fil-A as long as it was a free sample that cost the restaurant money.

“I’m a white woman who loves the music of Scott Joplin. Would it be cultural appropriation to play ‘Maple Leaf Rag’ for my  recital next month?”

“Is it okay to feed my kids Chinese food? They really like Kung Pao Chicken, but isn’t it kind of racist?”

I almost posted a video in response to the Cake comment:

We ALL want cake!

If I hadn’t quit, I’d probably blow up their feed with links to Brahms, Liszt, and Flamenco dance videos.

But it’s just as well that I’m not part of that group anymore. There are better uses of time, and really, I should practice a motto I’ve heard a few times this week: “Always Kindness.”


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