Fiction Friday (on Saturday!) – Lost and Found Part 15

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Warning: Not suitable for kids.


He checked again to make sure his browser was in stealth mode, before typing her cell phone number into the Facebook search bar. Please let her have her real number on there, Rob thought.

Susan Kerry. He pulled up the page, hoping to find more clues. He had never even thought to ask her last name when he was sleeping with her. It hadn’t really mattered then, but now? He couldn’t seem to stop thinking about her.

He stared at the photo, taking in the porcelain skin, the soft blond curls, the curve of her lips. Such a stark contrast from Janeen with her blue-black hair. He scrolled down the page. She seemed to like playing that Farmville game. She had a few photos of herself. With friends. In front of a lake. At a table with a glass of wine. In her car.

He clicked on the “About” part of her page. There was surprisingly little information there. She didn’t list her birthday, or her relationship status, though he knew she was married. No family members. He skimmed through her photos, wondering if he would find a photo of her husband.

He would find her. But he needed to make it look like an accident, like they just bumped into each other. Maybe he could figure out some of the places she liked to go from her photos.

She had 89 friends. Rob clicked on one of them, a brunette whose profile picture was a very staged looking selfie. The brunette had over 800 friends. Someone with that many friends wouldn’t be too particular about accepting requests from strangers. He hit the “Add friend” button.

“What’s that?” Susie asked as Jake shoved something into the fold of his book.

“Nothing,” he said. “Just an old family photo.”

“Can I see? You’ve never talked about your family.”

“Sure,” he said, handing it to her.

Four people were sitting on a boat – a woman who looked about 35, an old looking man, and two kids. The woman was wearing a big smile. Jake’s smile. The boy in the picture, who looked about 12, had to be Jake. There was a girl with waif-like eyes sitting on the woman’s lap, and the older man was on the other side of Jake. His father? Grandfather?

“You’re so cute!” Susie said. “I didn’t know you had a little sister.”


“You never told me about them,” she repeated.

“What do you want to know?” He sounded a bit gruff.

“Well, who are they, for one thing? Is that your father in the picture?”

“My father was took the photo. It’s my Uncle Bill, his older brother. That’s my mother, and my little sister, Becky.”

“Why don’t you ever talk about them?”

“They’re all gone. I don’t like talking about it.”

“What happened?”

“Dad died about a year after that picture was taken. I’m not sure where Uncle Bill is – he disappeared a few years later. Mom died of breast cancer when I was in college, and Becky… ” He looked down.

“What happened?”

“She’s gone,” he said. “Suicide,” he added a moment later. Susie handed the photo back, not sure what to say.

To be continued HERE.


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