Weird Wednesday – Back to School Edition

It’s that time of year – most of the country has started their fall semester, with a few “After Labor Day” hold-outs mostly in the north. I remember when Labor Day was “late,” our school in Baldwin, New York, had some strange thing where they would have start in the middle of the week BEFORE Labor day, go to school 2-3 days, have a few days off, go to school a few more days, and somewhere in the mix was a Jewish holiday, so it felt like school was starting and stopping and starting, making it really difficult to get into the routine. Here in Florida, we usually start some time in August. Our Gainesville District started last week, so my kids, my college, etc., are all on Week 2.

It has been crazy-busy here at the college. Medical emergencies, accidents, a couple of arrests for other agencies…

Since I feel every post should have at least one photograph, here’s a few of mine from around campus.

Tardis Police Box
Yes, sometimes the Tardis appears on campus. We also have a Dalek who pays visits from time to time.
Black and white close up of a Gainesville Police horse
GPD Equine Officer
Hole in the base of a tree where a squirrel lives
Squirrel’s Front Door
Florida Gopher Turtle on a sidewalk
Florida Gopher Turtle
Part of Santa Fe College's Natural Science Building at night, after rain.
After the Rain
Squirrel on a branch on a tree at the Zoo
Squirrel at the zoo
View of trees through a hole in a metal sign post
Unusual View – taken through a hole in a sign

So, now we have that out of the way. Now it’s time for some interesting links.

I have had a recurring dream at various points in my life in which I am somehow stuck/wandering through a haunted school at night. Usually it is some closed down school that contained a tragedy. I don’t know why I have this dream, but it always leaves me feeling unsettled. So, I’ve decided it would be “fun” to share that unsettled feeling with any readers who stumble on this page. How? By posting links to Haunted High Schools.

First, we have “The 10 Scariest Haunted High Schools in America.” The list includes the schools and a brief overview of their claim to fame or infamy.

Then, there is “Devil’s School” in Jacksonville, Florida. An abandoned High School off of Interstate 10, there are claims of cannibalism and Satanic Worship within the walls.

I was Google Searching for photos of the old Dunnellon High School, which is now the Middle School, because I was thinking about a creepy part of that school, the part where I attended Gifted class. The school was once the “White School” in Dunnellon during the time of segregation, and the building where I attended Middle School, once called “Booker T. Washington School” was the Black school. That particular building, with its “Chicken Coop Gym” of nightmares, was demolished a few years ago.

Brief confusing history: the “White School” became the Elementary and High School, the Middle School moved to Booker T Washington School. Then they built a new high school on “Tiger Trail” in Dunnellon, shortly before we moved to the town, and the Old Whitey School was just the elementary school. They bused the gifted students to Whitey School for Gifted, and the Old Whitey Auditorium was still in use there for concerts and drama productions for all of the schools.

Shortly after my younger brother got into high school, when I was in college, they built a new elementary school on Tiger Trail as well, and moved the Middle School to the old elementary school. Confused yet? Okay, we’ll go back to calling it Old Whitey School.

Adam and I both attended gifted classes in an otherwise abandoned wing of Old Whitey, which was across the road from the auditorium. The place was creepy, that was the period in my life when I started experiencing lucid dreams for the first time. Many of them are woven into my fiction novel, Dreams and HypotheticalsAdam had a similar experience.

But what really amused me was that when I was looking for photos of Old Whitey School in Dunnellon, I couldn’t find any that didn’t require a purchase. So I Google Searched “Haunted Dunnellon” and found my way to THIS.

I knew about Jeepers Creepers. When I watched that movie, I finally understood the phrase “my skin was crawling.” it really freaked me out the first time I watched it.

I don’t know that I ever felt Tiger Trail was haunted, but one of my creepier dreams involved a friend of mine being murdered at a football game, his body being stuffed into a trash can behind the bleachers. That friend is still alive, but it was one hell of a creepy dream.

Hey, Halloween is right around the corner, at least in the eyes of stores selling candy. So be careful out there, especially if you attend The School from Hell.


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