There is a special place in Hell…

… for doctors who take advantage of the elderly.

I know that it’s all too easy to second guess a doctor, and that it takes years of training to become a physician. I understand that it is a stressful job, with a certain amount of overhead, and that dealing with patients may not always be easy. There are many wonderful people in the profession. And then there are the ones who are not so wonderful.

Doctors deserve to make a lot of money, though some of the best out there don’t, because they go to places where they are most needed. But sometimes you will find a doctor who is more concerned with the bottom line than with patient care. This is the type of doctor my mother-in-law has been visiting. The type of doctor who will cut a patient’s anti-depressants in half two weeks after her father died. The sort of doctor who will cut someone off from one type of pain medication and cut her other, weaker pain medication in half three days after she falls and fractures her hand.

He will refuse to write the prescription for her blood pressure medication, the medication that has been working for years, because he would rather have her come back and pay another office visit (and the copays and insurance costs for said visit) again the following week, despite the fact that the woman is blind, can’t drive, and relies on a family member who lives 40 miles away to drive back and forth and take her to the office, trying to fit it into his schedule.

This doctor will cancel appointments at the last minute, and refuse to see the patient if she is more than ten minutes late, knowing her situation, despite the fact that at each and every visit he keeps her waiting for over an hour.

I think, I hope, I pray, that this week is finally the last straw, and that she will leave Dr. Deven and find another physician.

Dr. Deven has a reputation around Dunnellon, Florida, the small town in which he practices: other patients have told my mother that this doctor had them come back every single week, charging a full office visit each time, for their high blood pressure. He’s been known to double bill on tests, claiming he had to run them twice, when in fact he did not. He prescribes the most expensive medication available on the market, “Dispense as Written,” despite the fact that, according to the pharmacist, there are cheaper and better medications for the individual in question and the side effects from which she suffers. We suspect he receives gifts from pharmaceutical representatives in exchange for prescribing certain brands.

I don’t know that I really believe in Hell, or Karma. Assholes usually get away with being assholes, while nice people seem to become doormats. But I can understand why people want to believe in Heaven and Hell.


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